Mother’s Day: 6″ My Kampong Mango Cake (square)


    Delicious sweet mango on top a soft chiffon sponge. This mango sponge cake is bursting with fresh mango flavour like how my kampong bakery used to made. The chiffon sponge is steam-baked to the desired light and fluffy texture and filled with sweet and juicy mango. The mousse is made out of 100% fresh mango pulp. Refreshing and satisfying.

    *** Please note the actual cake is a SQUARE cake and may be slightly different to the picture due to the decoration and season of mango being yield. 

    Reminder: Mangoes oxidise just like apples. Once they have been cut, oxygen in the air interacts with the fruit and causes the colour to change. It isn’t bad for you, but it looks unappetising. We suggest that you eat it as soon as you receive it.

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