Purchase Planning

Purchase Planning – Beans

Purchase Planning

Planning your purchases together with us can be your way to secure more seasonal, consistent, and potentially higher quality green coffee beans. We would basically act as your purchasing department!

Advantages of Purchase Planning

Whether you are a local roaster or running a big scale coffee operation, there are many challenges and uncertainties when buying coffees on spot. The age old problem of having too little coffee when you need them versus stocking too much that you are not able to use them all and they become old and past crop.

Primary and secondary research has shown that purchase planning can help you to access higher and more consistent quality and at the same time keep your average prices at a reasonable level.

By purchasing your coffees in advance, you will be able to manage your seasonality and freshness better. You are able to secure certain exclusive coffees and other coffees all year round. You can also invest more on your marketing efforts — among many other advantages.

Purchase Planning Discount

By offering a reasonable discount if you decide to commit to us (by volume, as seen below), we are more than willing to lower our margin so that you are able to enjoy further cost savings. This is because we have less cost of financing and risk of keeping coffee in stock for too long, and it helps us to plan our liquidity and cash flow. This enables you to get the same qualities as before at lower prices. Financing terms can be discussed on an individual basis for volume clients with a solid buying history.

If you purchase in bulk of the same coffee, we are able to offer you the bulk purchase discount.

If the above seems interesting for you please feel free to contact us and we will be extremely glad to offer our help!